The 3 Step System To Land Your Dream Job Doing Something You Love

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Q: What’s standing between you and your Dream Job?


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Why are these questions important?

Unless you know what standing between you and your dream job then you are unlikely to do anything about it. You are unlikely to remove the obstacle.

The reality is that we get in our own way. The only thing standing between us and our ideal job is ourselves. Now at this stage in the game you may be thinking that recruitment agencies or employers have all the control and all the power. It is them that stand between you and your ideal job and whilst they play their part, they are not the whole story.

The biggest obstacle between you and your ideal job is yourself. No this is good news because we have control over our own actions and our own thoughts. We are not powerless. We can do something about this.

I am keen that you come up with your own answers as to what’s standing between you and your dream job but let me give you a few clues and examples and you can see if any of these apply to you.

You don’t believe your ideal job exists

This is a very common scenario. If you don’t believe your dream job exists then there is no chance you are going to take any action to find it. Human nature is very much one of “we see what we believe”. If you don’t believe then you don’t see it. Even when it is staring you in the face.

So your first step is to examine whether you believe you ideal job exists or do you belong to the camp that simply accepts that work is meant to be hard and boring and a bit crap. That that’s what you are paid for. Work on this have a deep think and see where you sit.  Most people are neither all one way or the other. Everyone sits along the scale somewhere. Where do you sit? Are you closer to the “I believe my ideal job is out there waiting for me to show up” or are you closer to, “work is meant to be hard and there is no such thing as an ideal job.”

You believe that only special people get to enjoy their idea job and the rest of us just have to put up with what we get.

This is a little different from the previous example in that it’s not a blanket statement. If this is your position then it means that you believe that ideal jobs do exist for some people but that these people are extremely talented or special or even just plain lucky. What you don’t believe is that you are one of those people.

You would be surprised at how many people sit in this camp. Understandable really because employers do not want you to believe that your ideal job exists. As long as you believe that work is meant to be crap then they can keep you employed doing their crappy jobs for them.

You believe your ideal job exists but you have no idea what it looks like

This is the most forgiving of the scenarios and something we can easily tackle. You have probably been looking in the wrong places using the wrong map. You have probably been looking at job titles and job adverts trying to see what you would really like to do. Well, you don’t find ideal jobs in job boards (at least not often).

You have probably been looking at your qualifications and experience and trying to figure it out with that but again this is the wrong map. The map you need is your personality map. It is your personality that will determine more than anything else what your ideal job looks like. It is your personality that will show you the direction.

Put your head in the right place and get out the road

I dare say you can come up with your own scenarios and reasons that your ideal job eludes you. Whatever it is you must overcome it and get started on this journey right away. There isn’t a minute to lose. The 3 Step System to Land Your Dream Job Doing Something You love is designed to help you do exactly this. Here’s what some people say about it.

My approach up to now has been to search job websites and newspaper recruitment sections looking for my ‘ideal job’, hoping that every week “this was going to be the one”. Surprise, surprise the ideal job has never appeared.

I realise now that I should have been actively engaging with people.


So your course has had tremendous value for me. Immediately for lots of info about applications and interviews (I hadn’t been interviewed for a job for over 20 years!), but mainly as a a foundation of how to go about building a presence and a value that future employers/partners are seeking.



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