What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

Replacing trial and error with your PERSONAL formula for ultimate SUCCESS!

Do you have the personality to make it to the top?

Complete the personality questionnaire and in under 5 minutes you will discover where you will succeed as an entrepreneur – and what will hold you back.

Reveal hidden talents. Discover your management style. Find out how to handle the pressure.

Your “What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You” report is stuffed full of personality specific information about you as an entrepreneur. It is essential reading if you are a solo professional, entrepreneur or small business professional … and even more so if you’re thinking about making the leap from ‘working for the man’ to taking charge of your own destiny.

Discover exactly what it is about your personality that will make you successful – and what may cause you to fail. Your Entrepreneur Secrets report has been constructed by Anne Ellis MSc CFCIPD – PeopleMaps co-founder and business psychologist, with over 20 years commercial experience training and developing top professionals.

What’s in Your Report

  • Your Management style
  • Your decision making approach
  • Can you cope with pressure?
  • Working with a team
  • Your communication skills, whether you have gone through a Master Communication Training Program or not
  • What type of sales approach works for you?
  • How you can best deal with controlling finances
  • How to best plan for the future.

DON’T leave your future to chance – this easy step towards understanding yourself will save you years of trial and error – fast tracking your way to entrepreneurial success. I know what you’re thinking… “Can only 5 questions actually reveal anything useful about me?”.

Try before you buy

Complete the personality questionnaire and get instant access to your free report. Before you make a decision on your Entrepreneur report, we’ll give you a FREE  report, so you can understand the type of information we know about you – just from your questionnaire answers…

All you need to do is complete the personality questionnaire, and you’ll be taken straight to your FREE report… with these 6 essential personality topics:

1) Do you have the personality to be a successful entrepreneur?
2) How you feel about, and perform if running your own business
3) Where would you work best in a business?
4) When you find a subject you’re passionate about
5) Being a consultant
6) Your ideal work environment

There’s no obligation to go any further, and you won’t need to get your credit card out (unless you decide to buy). And any purchase you make is risk free – we offer a money back guarantee on all reports.

Take The Test today! (it’s at the top of the page)

You’re not alone

Over 1 million people from over 158 countries have used the PeopleMaps 5 minute questionnaire to help them understand themselves better. PeopleMaps visitors come from all over the globe – people from over 180 countries have visited us this year!

Amazingly Accurate

It took us over 18 months to develop a questionnaire short enough to provide the accuracy we need. PeopleMaps was designed exclusively for the Internet – accuracy is built in with only 5 questions. Any more than 10 questions, and the accuracy scores would diminish – we know you’d get bored ticking any more boxes.

The most common word we receive in our feedback is “spooky”!

DON’T take just OUR word for it …

Professional Profiling

CareerPsychometrics is a professional profiling company – your reports are based on the psychology of Carl Jung (just like Myers-Briggs). Jung believed that individuals were all unique – this questionnaire evaluates your habitual or typical way of dealing with the world. The questionnaire is not a test – there can be no right or wrong answer to psychological type.

Take The Test today! (it’s at the top of the page)


  1. Donavan

    Hi Guys,

    The trial was great.. the presentation and your site is very professional and inviting. Would be a great business opportunity in my region and I hope to pursue soonest!

    Kingston, Jamaica

  2. LCareerProfile

    I have been studying psychometrics as part of a course at University and so have begun to trial several of these tools. Anything that helps people to begin to become more self-aware is I think useful and helpful I would recommend that readers use this and perhaps share their results with good friends and family to discuss what they think about the results. This will provide really good feedback.

  3. Val

    I am intrigued. I’m following up with the detailed personality test.

  4. John White


    Your reports on bang on the money!

  5. Marie


    i am trying to find a way of determining basic personalities of children. Do you have any tests that you can apply to children, or could you develop one?

    • MartinGibbons

      We have created a questionnaire for a reading age as low as 8 years old that would be ideal for most children. As it is our standard questionnaire is suitable for 12 to 14 year olds. The reports themselves are still to be written though but as a parent I am keen to help other parents figure out who their children are. I think parents struggle to understand their children, particularly if they are a different personality type.

  6. mini

    Its mindblowing…i just cudnt believe tat everythg about me wud be so accurate..its just amazing…thanks a lot

    • MartinGibbons

      Mini, you have made my day 🙂 Keep watching for some new stuff coming soon. It will blow your socks off.

  7. Michael Banda

    The feeling of being unravelled is exciting! the test is quick and good.

  8. Jeffrey Draper

    Fast, accurate and revealing – somewhat like peeling an onion.


    The page, the test and the material everything is very good. I like it and will be recommending friends to this site too.

  10. maureen

    i enjoyed doing the test


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