One of the biggest questions you will face in your life is “what career is right for me?”

or as I like to say “What the hell should you be doing with your life?”

Very few people have a clue as to what career is right for them. Most people give it insufficient thought, preferring to moan about the job they do have. Other’s are looking in the wrong places.

If you want to know what career is right for you. If you really care about the answer to this questions then you must let go of your BUT.

As soon as you get close to a true answer you will start to fill your sentences with “but”.

“I want to work with animals but I spent five years getting an accountancy degree.”

“I want to work in Spain but I don’t speak Spanish.”

I ask therefore that you suspend your editing till you have completed your picture. Do not edit and paint at the same time.

Find the courage to actually discover what career is right for you. Later you can find the courage to make it so.