Most employers now use personality profiling as part of their candidate selection process. A personality report will reveal to the interviewer some behavioural interview questions to ask you. These are usually specifically about your personality type and are usually on your blind spot. This is what makes them difficult to answer.

Chances are you will not even understand the question and think it is a daft nonsense question. The interviewer will also be armed with what kind of answers they should expect from you, so don’t bullshit.

How do you prepare for behavioural interview questions?

The only way you can really prepare for these is to know what they are going to ask and prepare your answer whilst remaining true to your personality type. Reading your own personality report is an essential part of your interview preparation.

For instance if my personality type indicates that I can be insensitive to other people’s feelings, then the last thing I should do is try and convince the interviewer that I am very sensitive to how others feel about things.

The interviewer will know this is bull. Instead you would want to throw your hands up and say that you recognise this is the case and that you manage it as best you can. You would then focus them on your corresponding strength.

Behavioural interview questions are becoming main stream and will come up in all manner of jobs, not just senior appointments. Read your personality report. Be prepared. Don’t bullshit. Keep it real and focus on the positives, whilst accepting you are not perfect.

How to give yourself an edge

Your edge comes from your familiarity with what personality reports say about you. A lot of people get hung up on how to answer the questions but that’s the wrong way to go about this.

“Know thy self” as someone famous once said. This is the key to dealing with these types of interview.

Where are you liekly to come across a behavioural interview?

All sorts of employers use them, large companies and small. Pretty much any job role will use them too. Of course they have always been popular in sales and customer service roles but there have been an expansion of this so you should always expect to face one.