On a par with the “tell me about yourself interview“, another form of interview that scares the life out of people is sometimes referred to as the “weakness interview”.

This is where the interviewer will ask you “what do you see as you largest weakness?” or “What would your work colleagues say is your weakness?”

It’s an unfair question but it will stump you if you are not prepared. And how do you prepare? Well this is a question about your personality. It will reveal things about your personality to the interviewer.

Remember everyone has weaknesses, you need to know what yours are and how you manage them so that they do not interfere with your work too much.

This is why it is vital that you get your hands on your personality report. It will provide you with your weaknesses, some of which will be news to you. Armed with that you can prepare a decent response that will avoid you sounding like an idiot or a liar.

It’s a tricky questions so do not try and think of an answer on the spot. it is unlikely you will succeed.