You are probably looking for a website that provides you with a list of the top interview questions so that you can do a little cramming and scoot through your interview.

If so, I have to warn you are going about this the wrong way.

It is good that you are preparing for your interview but you are cutting corners and it will show up in your interview unless of course, every other candidate is just as bad as you. But that’s a risky strategy when you consider the competition for jobs has never been more fierce. I spoke with a recruiter recently who was telling me that he had 400 applicants for a single job. Two years ago he struggled to get four for the same position.

So what are the top interview questions? Well, generally they will be questions about your personality. If you have managed to get to an interview it is assumed that you are qualified sufficiently and can probably do the job, at least in terms of skills.

The “tell me about yourself interview” and the “weaknesses interview” would need to be in the Top Interview Questions list.

So what the interviewer is really wanting to know is “who are you and will you fit in here?”. So make sure you are intimate with your personality report and have a good idea what an employer will be reading about you. Personality tests are increasingly popular with employers so the chances are you will face one and if you do you can be sure that these will form the top interview questions as far as the employer is concerned.