Another bear pit of an interview is often referred to as the “tell me about yourself interview”. This is difficult in the same way that the weaknesses interview is difficult.

Most of us struggle to talk about ourselves. It makes us uncomfortable. And for those of us who do like talking about ourselves, it makes us boring and annoying. Not a good place to be in an interview.

So how do you deal with it?

Well you have to understand the motivation behind the question. What they are really asking is “Can you do the job without disturbing everyone?”

Remember this isn’t an opportunity for you to open up. That’s what friends are for. This is an opportunity for you to reassure the interviewer that they will not regress hiring you to do the job.

If the interviewer has your personality report in front of them then they could also be sussing you out. They will probably know more about you than you do. So do not be dishonest but focus on you good stuff.

And most importantly, prepare for this question. Do not try and pull it out a hat. Your hat will let you down.