Included in your free mini course and report are some free sample interview questions and answers.

These interview questions and answers are specific to your personality type. They are not generic.

It is vital that your personality comes across in an interview, so you need this version.

The risk you run with stock answers is that they usually just sound like stock answers. And when you have heard it once, you are not going to be impressed when you hear it a second, third or fourth time.

Stock answers fail to get across your personality and that’s vital in an interview.

No personality displayed. No job offered.

In your free course you will discover aspects of your personality that employers will want to hear about. You will discover how to avoid being cliche and forgettable.

You can’t achieve this using standard sample interview questions and answers. You need something specific to your personality type. You need to give answers that only you could give.

Interviewers tend to do all their interviews in one day, so they often see back to back candidates for hours on end. They also tend to ask every candidate the same questions. So when they hear one stock answer after another, the candidates all start to blend together into one. By the end of the days interviewing they can’t distinguish between candidates.

To be different, to stand out  and be memorable you have to avoid giving stock answers. Imagine every candidate has read the same sample interview questions and answers page as you. Now see that you can be unique.