CareerPsychometrics Banner Links for Affiliates

We’ve produced the most common banner formats here, but if you urgently need another (standard)  format, drop us an email and we’ll create one for you.

We like our images. Please don’t stretch, distort or otherwise abuse them – or we’ll get mad!

And it goes without saying, please don’t use these images if you’re not a CareerPsychometrics Affiliate Partner. That wouldn’t be cool – and we know you’re cool!

Full Banner (468 x 60 pixel)




Half Banner (234 x 60 pixel)

Entrepreneur - Half Banner

Psychometric Interviews - Half Banner

Ideal Job - Half Banner

Square Button (125 x 125 pixel)

Entrepreneur - Square Button

Psychometric Interviews - Square Button

Ideal Job - Square Button

Rectangle (180 x 150 pixel)

Entrepreneur - Rectangle

Psychometric Interviews - Rectangle

Ideal Job - Rectangle

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