Affiliate Partnerships Wanted

Partner with us and offer free psychometrics to your visitors

We have pioneered psychometrics for career development and have partnered many companies over the last nine years. We offer an affiliate programme, with 50% commission on sales made through your account paid to you.

You can also take a look at our sponsorship opportunities.

Complete the short reg form, and we’ll get back to you asap.

Please provide a valid website address so we can have a look and assess whether your site is suitable. Use the message field to tell us a little about yourself/website and what your aim is for the partnership. Without these details we can’t assess your application – we’re human and don’t rely on automatic processes for this part!

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How it works

We will provide you with an account and a string of unique code that will let you embed any of our career widgets on your site.

Your visitors need never leave your page s the entire experience is delivered via the widget box on your site.

Not only do you get to provide professional psychometrics to your visitors for free, you also enjoy a generous revenue share when they upgrade to a more detailed report.

What does it cost?

Our basic career service is absolutely free. In fact we pay you a revenue share when your visitors upgrade for a more detailed product.

If you wish a degree of customisation or more advanced features then there is a license fee and set up cost involved depending on the degree of customisation and level of features you require. Most career sites however are happy to run with our free service.

How hard is it to set up?

We provide you with a small string of code which you place on your site, wherever you want the Personality Power Widget to appear. It’s as simple as inserting a graphic.

Do your visitors leave your site?

No! One of the unique features with the Power Widget is that the entire experience is delivered via the small  window embeded on your site.

What psychometric Products do we offer?

We provide you with the three Power Widgets on our home page. You may insert any one of them or all three of them on your site. You can insert your widget code on several pages if you want and have the widgets appear in several places on your site.

Are the reports free?

We always provide free reports. And we usually encourage people to upgrade to a more advanced report. The upgrade report prices vary from £17 to £34. We reserve the right to change products and pricing without notice.

Are the reports accurate?

Please have a read at the report feedback.

We have helped 1.2 million people with their careers over the last nine years. The psychology is tried and tested.

Refund Policy

Yes, we offer a no quibble refund. We also have to claw back on commissions paid when a refund has been requested. It makes no sense to pay commission on products we have refunded.