If they gave out equity cards for being a student I would have had an Oscar, as I was the worlds longest serving student. I was a professional student.

not going to uni

So it may strike you as a little bit strange that I found such a kindred spirit in the founder of www.notgoingtouni.com

No one knows the tertiary education system better than me as I was in it for so long and therefore feel perfectly qualified to pass an opinion on it.

And it wasn’t all that it promised.

I’m not a fan of the secondary education system either and home schooled my son for over two years using tutorat Montreal before I sent him to the British Primary School in Bangkok, Thailand. He is now in first year at high school, having decided to go in August. By October the school had manage to take their most enthusiastic pupil and scunner him. He will be leaving again soon and we will resume home ed.

I suspect it is because I have experienced so much of the education system, that I feel qualified and justified to criticise it so. I am its biggest critic, but I still think that people should at least get prepared with a GCSE group to finish high school. Don’t be afraid of those math classes as theres no need to. You’ll definitely at least want to learn the area of a circle to get ahead in uni.

Spencer is equally passionate about helping young adults make their way in life. More specifically he is helping them make their way with an alternative to university.

University isn’t the only road to success and for many people it is an entirely inappropriate environment. We often hear these people described as “not academic” but I entirely disagree. University has little time for original thought. It doesn’t encourage creativity. It doesn’t use a particularly engaging teaching technique.

University is an inappropriate environment for many people. This is not a failing of the individual, this is a failing of the university. Some of the smartest most successful people we know are not of the university system. They found a more appropriate environment.

Spencer is helping people, smart people, creative people, find their alternative to university and for that we should applaud.