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My Ideal Job. Discover the answer to your question “What is my ideal job?” in Less Than 5 Minutes.


If you are wondering what your ideal job looks like then this page is extremely important.

Because . . . . .

In it you will discover how to identify your ideal job and answer the toughest qestion of all “what is my perfect job?”

Join the 1.4 million others who have benefited from this information.

I’m Martin Gibbons, founder of Peoplemaps.com and CareerPsychometrics.com and I am passionate about helping you discover your ideal job. I have been writing on this subject for ten years and over a million people have already benefited from this information.

And I am really looking forward to helping you too.

Are you making this mistake?

Most people never discover what their ideal job looks like. So it’s not that they can’t get job offers for their ideal job, it’s simply that they never apply for their ideal job because they do not know what it looks like.

This is extremely frustrating. If you don’t know what your ideal job looks like then you aren’t even giving yourself a fighting chance.

Do you know what your ideal job looks like? Really?

Suck it and see.

Does this sound like you? You look through the job boards and you send off your CV (that you made with a free cv builder) to some job adverts that look quite interesting. You may even get job offers and take the job. Is this how you landed your existing job?

“Suck it and see” is a terrible way to try and discover your ideal job. You have more chance of winning the lottery. The odds are not good.

It will take you years, many of which could see you working in a job you hate.

There is a quicker way. It’s what employers do.

Employers have known for years that putting the right person in the right job is critical to their profitability. This is why they spend millions every year on personality profiling.

They know that finding a natural fit for each job role makes sense. They do not waste time on “suck it and see” and nor should you.

Why Employers Use Personality Testing

Employers realised a long time ago that your ideal job isn’t about your qualifications of experience but that it’s mostly about your personality.

If a person has a personality compatible with the specific work environment, then they will excel.

This is good for the company and the individual.

You should apply the same principle.

Try it now. It’s FREE.

In case you aren’t sure what a personality report is, let’s try one now. Complete this short questionnaire, which takes about 3 minutes.

Three good reasons for discovering what your Ideal Job looks like;

1) You can never land your ideal job if you don’t know what it looks like, so you are committing yourself to work you do not enjoy.

2) You can never truly sustain success unless you are doing what you were simply born to do – your ideal job.

3) It’s no harder to land your ideal job than a crappy job you hate.

Imagine looking forward to Mondays

Most people dread Monday mornings and having to go back to work. But there are a few souls who genuinely get a kick out of their work.

Imagine being appreciated for what you do?

Imagine feeling that what you do matters and makes a difference?

This is why you must answer the question “what’s my perfect job?”

You deserve it

Finally, I want you to know that you deserve to enjoy your work. You deserve to have a meaningful career and be rewarded for your efforts.

It is your right to be appreciated for the work you do

People love our personality reports

Here’s what Craig Houston, The Careerguyd had to say;

As a career development professional, one of my favourite profiling tools has been the MBTI. After trying PeopleMaps (the people behind CareerPsychometrics), I was immediately impressed by its comparable analysis as well as its convenient brevity. It really only takes less than ten minutes—which in and of itself is compelling since I have had clients avoid other profilers simply because they do not have the time or patience to take them. Additionally, the reports are written from a career/business/professional perspective, giving clients direct work applications to gain insight on their professional strengths, leadership potential, and more. So PeopleMaps is substantive, easy and quick, and the colourful online interface makes it all the more user-friendly and convenient.

I have never had a profile done that so perfectly confirmed what I had known inside for a long time but been unable to see, if that makes any sense.
Instead of feeling like something was wrong with me and carrying on trying to fit my square peg self into a round hole – I felt completely affirmed by the profile, started believing in myself again and began a programme of self development which, 2 yrs on, has led to my special qualities being seen as desirable and finding the right environment for me.
After a bumpy trying-alot-of-things adventure, when I had nearly given up… it all came together in the perfect job with the perfect colleagues for me… and the experience I gained along the way was invaluable in building a wider portfolio of skills and understanding.
Sometimes you don’t quite know where you are going while you’re getting there, but the profile helped me to know what was or wasn’t right and to keep moving forward until I found it.
Hi Martin,
I got a job!
Ok, it’s as a teacher, which is what I’ve been training for this year (PGCE at Cambridge), and you know that much of what you’ve been saying isn’t really relevant in the teaching profession as it’s such a strange system.
But a great deal of the attitude and posture is, and a lot of what you are proposing (blogging, linkedin, having an expertise, etc.) is definitely the way-to-go to get on in this career I reckon. So, my job is as an NQT at a good school close to where I live in London and it’s a fine place to start…But my future is largely dependant on the way I now go about doing my job and becoming an ‘expert’ at it. So your course has had tremendous value for me. Immediately for lots of info about applications and interviews (I hadn’t been interviewed for a job for over 20 years!), but mainly as a a foundation of how to go about building a presence and a value that future employers/partners are seeking. Thanks.

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