My nerves are shot watching Murray playing lubjicic.

I realised something that job seekers and tennis players have in common. When the pressure is on and you’re missing shots, the grass area on other side of the net gets smaller and smaller.

At times the opponent is a giant, covering all the court with a giant racket. He appears to be at the left and the right, the back and the front. The space gets smaller and smaller.

Murray just took a toilet break and obviously flicked a switch in his head. Now twenty minutes on and Murray is up 5, 0. The game has turned.

There is much debate as to what Murray changed. Was it his serve? Was it his footwork? Well I have my own theory.

Murray just visualised the other side of court getting bigger and bigger. He pictured the opponent getting smaller and smaller. Then all of a sudden there is so much grass you wonder how you could ever miss.

And it’s the same when job hunting. You batter away, sending CV after CV and you see fewer and fewer jobs. You get to a point where you think no one in the world is hiring. The opportunities are less and less.

So take a break. Go flick that switch and start to visualise the endless sea of opportunity. Then you will start to see things open up. You will see things, that were always there but you had simply missed.