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  1. Andrea

    The eBook “Career Change” provides a new approach to job hunting, explains how knowing your personality can help you find your ideal job and how to overcome the challenges faced nowadays using simple techniques. I was very suprised how accurate and detailed my personality profile was.

    What struck me was that reading this book I realized the reasons why I was not happy at my work. If you want to thrive and enjoy your job it is essential that the work environment is compatible with your core personality.

    I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is trying to make a career change as it is motivational and packed with tools, hints and tips all can use finding their ideal job in this changing environment.

    • MartinGibbons

      Thanks Andrea, glad you found it helpful.

  2. Andrea

    Hi Martin,
    First of all thank you very much for sending me your eBook on Career Change. I really appreciate it. I read it through at the weekend and found it very useful. I have been struggling to get job interviews in the last couple of years, I must admit partially because of my laziness, but the job market has changed, too. It was very easy to get a job 4-5 years ago, any recruitment agency I handed a CV over to, kept in touch and tried to find me a job, they acknowledged that I had good experience in finance; the environment/economy, however, has changed significantly in the past few years. I totally agree with you on the flawed nature of the recruitment process nowadays.
    I thought I was aware of my personality, your book tough not only reflected my personality in details, also explains why I behave in a certain way, so I can understand myself better, also what I should be looking for in the future in order to find the environment I would enjoy working in. I will definitely use your book to change my career in 2012, using the techniques included. I will have to define what I want to change, what to change to and how to make the change. I will list all the pain I would like to avoid and pleasure I would like to gain out of my career change. I am sure your advice will help me achieve this, I will let you know how I get on. The key is to stay positive and motivated!
    Many thanks again, Andrea

    • MartinGibbons

      Andrea, Thanks for your feedback on the new eBook Career Change.

      Yes, getting interviews is a lot tougher these days than it was 3 years ago. You need to play it a different way. The old approach of battering out CVs to strangers really isn’t working.

      I learn new stuff about my personality all the time and I have been doing this professionally for many years. It would bring me great pleasure to see things happening for you in 2012. Using just some of the tricks in the Career Change eBook will help you make it happen.

      Keep us posted and share your good news. Feel free to ask questions here from time to time.

  3. Nick

    Hi Guys,

    I have a suggestion – I think that Martin should run a competition for the lamest excuse for excluding people from applying for a role ‘cos they seem to be getting more ridiculous by the moment.

    Can I offer a starter:
    “candidates must show a good working record, e.g. at least 3 years in each previous role before they can be considered”

    Actually, thinking about it, one for the lamest reason for being rejected might be quite funny too …. Name and shame the buggers 🙂

  4. charlotte

    hi martin,
    i need some advice what gcse’s would i have had to had taken to be a social worker

  5. Dean G Hill

    Trying to get back into the Travel sector after a few years playing and building innovative things in the Music world – Any tips on making Historic Experience Relevant – I rock but new prospective employers don’t get that and just see me as a risk when I seek career stability, D

  6. Andrew Butterfield

    Hello Martin,

    I was really pleased to read that you are planning a mini training video about how to succeed at interviews. I try and stay as calm and as focussed as I can but the adrenaline still kicks in making me feel awkward. I often have difficulty in remembering information, call it info. overload. I feel I should not ask lots of questions, even though I know I need to. All in all, if I concentrate on the questions and answer them concisely then I feel more confident as I progress. I should take a note pad with me with questions and points that have been considered prior to the meeting.

    Best wishes,

    Andrew Butterfield

  7. Bianca

    where do I find the 3 step videos link, that martin is sending me to watch I missed the first one of monty pyton

    • MartinGibbons

      Bianca, If you are a member it is in your members area. It’s one of the first ones presented. Please raise a Ticket if you are still cant find it.

  8. Jackie

    hi just wondered if anyone else is having trouble with listening to the free stuff, I usually can hear the videos clearly but the free ones just stop and start and I cannot hear what martin is saying.

  9. Maria

    Hi I am trying to read my report i just purchased but cant see it.please could you help. Thank you

  10. rajarathinam

    This test pattern is fine,test finished in few minutes,best wishes to peoplemaps-by Rajarathinam vaithinathan

    • hina basharat

      i really impressed.thats amazing.


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