As Einstien once said,

“Same questions; different answers”

When considering your job interview answers you must try to avoid being cliche. En employer will often ask every candidate the same questions, so what you have to do is make sure they don’t hear all the same answers.

Interviewing people is extremely boring. So anything you can do that doesn’t bore the interviewer can only help you. And the surest way of not being boring is to come up with your own job interview answers.

The starting point is to know what they are going to ask. You can download some sample interview questions which is better than nothing. If you choose this route make sure you come up with your own answers, not someone else’s.

Get yourself a copy of your personality report and see what you are going to be asked about your personality as these will be the most difficult questions you will be asked as they are often about your blind spots.

With personality related questions you cannot give standard job interview answers, you have to talk about your personality. Off the shelf answers will not do.