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I think most people are finding job hunting extremely frustrating right now. Career development is feeling more like arrested development for most, for this same reason people have started to take online course from the Get Educated Online school, hoping this will help them get a better job.

Here is an email I received from Jill this week.

I can’t even see hardly any jobs that I can apply for any more.
I feel I will have to go back to education and have a massive debt over me
for years afterwards.


Should Jill go back to university and get more qualifications? Well generally speaking the answer is “No”.

Having a genuine interest in something can’t be faked and it’s the surest way to succeed. However, there are a couple of things you need to know. In the last five to ten years or so university has become big business. It needs to make money – lots of money. Knowing how to correctly use synonyms will give you a lot of job openings due primary education. So it sells you the magic bullet. – “If you only had this qualification then all your job worries would be over.” So should you follow your heart and study something you’re really passionate about, regardless of where it might lead you, or should you instead opt for a degree with a more secure career route? always remember there are many ways to opt for a career, if its a financial problem you can look for many options with scholarships as there are so many different types such as special ones like the ones for legal midget height 2017 and blind students, there are also the academic ones where what matters is you grade rate to apply, so first find your career and specialty and start looking for the right one for you.

Are you thinking about finishing your degree? Or are you considering a new College degree? Don’t forget, if you have prior coursework and academic credit already completed, you can get a jump start satisfying degree requirements. Education is still one of the best investments we can make in ourselves as we aspire making our mark on the world and it’s become much easier to find a London Student Home at a price you can afford. Most students who are overwhelmed with educational assignments and tons of routine tasks seek help from Aim high Writing.

Unfortunately they cannot keep up their side of the bargain and the percentage of students who actually get a job in their field is pitifully low. Let’s put it this way. There is a reason universities do not offer money back guarantees. The second thing you need to know is that, in my experience, the “product” is fine – it’s the marketing that’s needing work.

What do I mean by that?

Well pretty much everyone has a marketing problem not a product problem. This means that it doesn’t matter how much you improve the product, if the marketing is still rubbish then it’s not going to sell. What you need is a good  branding agency to have a professional management of your service or product.Image result for ,marketing

I have been in professional markeing over twenty years. Fore the last ten years I have been helping people with their careers and working with psychology but these are still marketing issues.

  • Deciding what you want to do for a living
  • Getting interview invites
  • Communications, written, voice or in person
  • Interviews

These are all marketing issues. The people who are good at marketing are the ones who excel in all of the above areas. Unfortunately everyone is bad at marketing – yes everyone.

The good news is that these skills can be learned. This is what I cover in the 3 Step System. You don’t need to know much to be significantly better than everyone else. So my advice to jill is not to go to university. Instead learn the core marketing skills as used in career development and make the most of the product as it stands. I’m pretty sure the product is already good enough, so now you need to work on marketing it properly.

Even great products will sit on the shelf if they are not properly marketed. That’s human psychology for you. Check out the 3 Step System, which, unlike the university, does come with a money back guarantee.