Interview preparation requires a bit more than Googling some sample interview questions. Unless you just want to sound like every other candidate then you need to find your own answers.

This is not a pub quiz. It’s not the person who answers all the interview questions correctly that gets the job offer, it’s the person who delivers the best interview.

I can tell when someone is just reciting from sample interviews questions pages. There is no life in the answers. There is no personality. And when I am interviewing I am looking for personality. I don’t mean I want you to come in with your guitar and start singing and be the life and soul of the party. I mean that I want to know who you are.

Why do you think so many employers use personality profiling? Why do you think they bother to have face to face interviews at all? Filling in some forms online would be much cheaper, quicker and easier.  But they don’t they take the time to discover your personality.

So don’t hide your personality behind some sample interview questions crib sheet. This isn’t a school exam, it’s a job interview. It’s your chance to stand apart from all the other candidates that downloaded some sample interview questions.