I got this in from one of my clients but as it’s a common scenario I thought I would share my response with everyone.

Hi Martin,
Interview No 10 coming up and still no job.

If you are getting interviews the old fashioned way by applying to job ads then you can expect to attend 20 to 40 interviews before getting a job offer,

If you are arranging your own interviews using The 3 Step System, then you should be looking for a job offer for every 3 to 5 interviews.

This is the format for the interview next week and can feel the nerves kick in already! Any hints and tips please

Most people suffer from interview nerves and stress. The main reason for this,  nerves and stress, is that they are inexperienced and unfamiliar with the process, For instance, if you think interviews are about coming up with the right answers then you are approaching the interview all wrong. Step 3 of The 3 Step System will show you how to nail interviews but here is my top tip and something you can apply right away.

I work with employers on how to interview someone, so I see both sides of the desk. This is why I can help you deliver better interviews.

Don’t answer a single question until you have asked a few of your own. Don’t just sit there answering questions. This is equivalent to the Kung Fu practitioner only ever blocking punches. No matter how good you are at Kung Fu, eventually, you will get hit. However, if you throw a few punches yourself, then the chances of you getting hit reduce significantly. My advice is to start throwing punches as soon as you get in the room. I explain in detail how to do this effectively in Step 3.

Not even sure in my heart on the right track

This is one of the biggest problems of all. Candidates turning up at the wrong interview. What I mean is that you turn up for interviews for jobs you don’t really want. Sure you want the money but the job itself you are not that interested in. It’s very hard to deliver a good interview when you don’t really want it. Employers pick up on this vibe.

Better to spend your time creating interviews for jobs you actually want. All employers value passion. They will go out of their way to make a position for you if they like your passion enough. Step 1 of the 3 Step System helps you discover what you were simply born to do.

“There will initially be an in-tray exercise, this is usually a prioritising task.

I presume this is a core skill of the job. Skills tests I can’t help you with. Just make sure you are at the right interview and these will never be a problem.

You will have 45 minutes to prepare a presentation of ten minutes

I would discourage you from using PowerPoint. It is more important you look people in the eye and connect with them. A powerful format for any presentation is this;

1) State a problem that the company / role is likely to experience

2) Talk about your previous experience of this kind of problem

3) Talk about how you went about solving this kind of problem

Chances are you will not get through more than two or three problems in a ten minute space.