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Want some free career coaching? Leave a comment below answering the following question and lets see if I can help you with your interviews. Let’s start by trying to answer the following;

Why do you think your interviews do not result in job offers?

The truth is that most people mess up their interviews. Many candidates start the interview with the job and by the end of the interview,they have lost the job.

I know it sounds crazy but this is normally how it pans out. Most people really suck at interviews. Even the candidates that think they are ok in interviews, candidates who are confident in interviews, mess them up.

The truth is you could do a lot better if you had some training and knew some stuff.

I have worked with employers and helped them interview candidates. I have sat in rooms for days interviewing candidates with employers and can honestly say that every candidate delivered a very poor performance.

You stand more chance of tight rope walking without training than of delivering a great interview performance. So I urge you to get some training. Learn the master skill and land yourself some great job offers as a result.

If you know how to deliver a great interview, you would be spoiled for job offers. You would just be in a situation where you attend twenty interviews and get one offer.  You wouldn’t be in a situation where you are at the stage of simply take it or leave it.

Wouldn’t you rather have three good offers on the table and have to decide between them?

I don’t know the last candidate i met who put themselves in that position. Pretty much everyone is in a take it or reject it position. That’s not a good position.

Imagine how much stronger your negotiation would be if you knowew you had two other offers to fall back on if they refused your pay demands or terms.

As it is pretty much everyone just accepts their lot and is grateful.

Well I think you can do better than that. I think with a bit of training you could be heads and shoulders above all the other candidates. How much training have you had at delivering an interview? Ten hours? Ten minutes? None? I suspect it’s none.

Would you walk a tightrope held six feet off the ground with no training or practice? I doubt it. This is why more and more candidates are getting training.

Candidates have realised that like any other skill, you need training and practice. To expect to turn up at an interview and wing it and hope to get a job offeer is naive at best. Foolhardy at worst.

And if you are up against a candidate who has had some interview coaching, then you are going to look pretty poor by comparison.

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