The votes are in and it’s pretty clear that the area of career development that most people want help with is in figuring out what their ideal job looks like.

I asked people to vote for which workshop do they want me to deliver;

1) ideal job

2) getting interviews

3) interview technique

Hundreds of people voted and the clear winner was “ideal job”.

Most of the people I come into contact with are wrestling with this question. Most people feel they are in the wrong job.

What concerns me is that I’m not sure most people realise that their ideal job does exist.

There is constant pressure to improve. You need to work on this. You need to work on that. You need more patience. You need to be more determined. You need to take care of the details.

You will have your own list I’m sure.

At times it feels like you are just not good enough. That you need to improve.

If this is familiar to you then the chances are you are in the wrong job. If you were in your ideal job then you wouldn’t need to change a thing. When you are in your ideal job you find that you are just fine the way you are. You have just enough patience. Just enough determination. Sufficiently detailed. Sufficiently task-focused.

In short, you are exactly what’s needed.

There are two reasons you are not in your ideal job.

1) you made an ill-informed decision in your teens and have had to live with it since.

2) you are at the mercy of an incredibly ineffective recruitment system.

The recruitment process is deeply flawed and therefore hires the wrong people for their jobs. It then expects the person to change into what the job requires. The trouble is that people don’t change personality and most of the things they want to change are personality issues.

If employers understood the simple fact that you can’t change personality, something that every wife will tell you, then more people would be in their ideal job.

Through Peoplemaps I am training employers on how to make better management decisions,however, in June I am running a workshop to help you figure out what your ideal job looks like.

A handful of lucky people are going to make a life-changing breakthrough and discover their ideal job. Maybe you’ll be one of them.