How to Pass Psychometric Personality Tests and Interviews

Over 60% of employers use psychometric testing. Are you prepared?

What is a Psychometric Interview?

Employers may ask you to complete a personality questionnaire similar to the one of this page, prior to or during a job interview. It doesn’t matter what system they use, your personality will come across pretty similar for all of them. We know because employers use PeopleMaps reports and PeopleMaps are the team behind CareerPsychometrics.

What will an employer read about you at your next interview? What personality questions will they ask?

Attending a job interview is probably one of the most stressful events in our life. However, it needn’t be out of your control! You can reduce your stress levels and put yourself one step ahead if you get familiar with the assessments and questions you might face.

That’s where the  “How to Pass Psychometric Interviews” personality assessment comes in. Not only does it give you practice answering questionnaires – you get instant access to the personality results an employer pays for. AND it’ll reveal all the insider secrets you need to know (like how to answer a personality test). The best news is that we give you a  free report so you can try before you buy. There’s no obligation – you don’t need to give your credit card information – but we will include a special offer you won’t find anywhere else.

Five questions, five minutes, no waiting around!

Complete the personality questionnaire and get instant access to your free report. If you like what you see, upgrade to the full report and discover insider secrets about personality testing. Get your information from the people that supply the recruiters, and make sure you’re one step ahead of the rest.

What’s in Your Report

  • Who uses psychometric interviews?
  • How to answer a personality questionnaire
  • What will a psychometric report tell an employer about you?
  • How you can come across strong in interviews
  • The three strongest assets you must get across in your interview
  • Whatever happens don’t go here!

Take The Test today! (it’s at the top of the page)

Career Professionals love our personality reports

Craig Houston

Here’s what Craig Houston, The Careerguyd had to say;

As a career development professional, one of my favourite profiling tools has been the MBTI. After trying PeopleMaps (the people behind CareerPsychometrics), I was immediately impressed by its comparable analysis as well as its convenient brevity. It really only takes less than ten minutes—which in and of itself is compelling since I have had clients avoid other profilers simply because they do not have the time or patience to take them. Additionally, the reports are written from a career/business/professional perspective, giving clients direct work applications to gain insight on their professional strengths, leadership potential, and more. So PeopleMaps is substantive, easy and quick, and the colourful online interface makes it all the more user-friendly and convenient.


  1. Peter

    The feedback on the personality test was amazing…just like looking in the mirror! It was so accurate it was uncanny, especially after my wife had read it and said ‘this is you down to a T’!
    I just have to find the right job now……..

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    I Was impressed with the much of the information in the Report. It was challenging and encouraging at the same time!

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    I really love the personality test it describes to a greater degree my personality traits how can it assist me in energy saving buisness like enigin to an entrepreneur

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