How To Generate Career Ideas You Will Fall In Love With

Where to find career ideas

The first place to start is with a career test, sometimes referred to as a career personality test.

You want to ensure that you find something that is compatible with your personality, otherwise it will always feel uncomfortable. It is very important that you work in harmony with your core personality – your success and happiness depends upon this.

Unfortunately most people never take this crucial step and try the suck and see approach.

Approaches to avoid

It is very important that you avoid the suck it and see approach when job hunting. This is extremely slow and often painful.

Once I have someone’s personality report in hand I can pretty much tell right away if a particular job is going to work out for them or not.

You see it has little to do with your work experience or qualifications. These only confirm previous decisions you have made. And they may have been wrong decisions.

You don’t want your CV looking like a dogs dinner either. It’s rarely helpful when you have ten jobs in three years. It provides a potential employer with another reason not to hire you.

Remember employers spend most of their time looking for reasons not to hire you. They do not really look for reasons to hire you. It’s a process of elimination.

The worst place to find career ideas

The worst place to go when you are looking for career ideas is a job board.

If you are looking at job titles as a means of finding career ideas then you are in trouble. Job titles are mostly misleading and are largely propaganda. They are designed to sell jobs.

It is important that you get out of the habit of trying to define your ideal job using job titles.

You have to find new ways of describing your ideal job. Anything worthwhile cannot be boiled down to a single two word job title. That’;s just an old fashioned idea that you have to break free from.

The chances are there isn’t a job title for what you really want to do. The chances are the actual job you want hasn’t quite been invented yet. You will have to do a little work to modify something so that it suits you. When I hire people I

Should you share your ideas?

Generally speaking it’s not good to share you career ideas with others until you are very confident about them. There is something in human nature that tends to get nervous around new ideas, which makes them tend to shoot them down.

Keep it to yourself until you are able to make your case and win your argument. Only when you feel prepared should you test it with others.
What do do once you have a career idea you like

Once you find an idea you like you should start to do more research and build your action plan. Don’t look for all the reasons it can’t be done until you find a whole bunch of reasons that it can and should be done.


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