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Headhunting is used on junior roles and middle management too, not just senior appointments.

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Do you know what every headhunter is trying to do?
They are trying to find people. They are trying to find people who are capable of doing a job.

So it’s a little strange is it not that you would make it so difficult to be found. In fact you make the headhunter’s job very difficult indeed. Which is why they aren’t phoning you.

Why not do the headhunter a favour and make it easy for them to find you. Make it an easy £5k for them by letting them find you and by being exactly what their client needs.

If you were to find you, would you be able to? I doubt it. And lets say I did manage to find something about you online, would it astound me. Would it make lift up the phone and call you? I doubt it.

So you have uploaded your CV to a few job boards. Big deal. You and 2 million other people. This doesn’t make the headhunter’s job any easier.

You are the invisible man. They could be standing beside you and the headhunter wouldn’t know it.

The good news is that you can do something about it. You can make it real easy for the headhunter to earn their fee by landing you a great job. And nearly all headhunted jobs are good jobs. They are usually well paid too.