Spent the day with the most interesting bunch of people at my new “How to get headhunted” course.

In the morning we had a very strange “introductions” session. We introduced ourselves to one another in a way that was pretty alien. Later it would become apparent why. I think it’s fair to say that we threw ourselves into the deep end from the outset.

Our objectives for the day were clarified too.

We then moved on to “The 6 Ps of Career Development”. In a world where career development is largely about spamming employers, this section was new to all. Some interesting discussion surrounded this section.

It’s fair to say that there was more content than time but everyone was willing to hurtle along at a breakneck speed.

The afternoon saw us lost in tactics. Steps that could be taken to move us into the headhunting zone. Many notes were taken.

We ended the day learning how to “Talk to the elephant”. Everyone contributed openly. The room was filled with people from across the personality spectrum and it gave us all a chance to get inside the head of people with different personality types.

I can’t thank everyone enough for openly sharing. Quite fascinating.

There’s more to come about headhunting so keep watching.