Head Hunters

How To Get Head Hunters calling you.

Are head hunters calling you up?

Could they even find you?

Are you headhunter material?

Headhunting is used on junior roles and middle management too, not just senior appointments. Increasingly we are seeing headhunters of all sorts, approach people at all levels;

Technology has changed things and we are seeing headhunting become common place. My prediction is that it will continue to rise at the expense of job boards.

Are job boards dead?

Not yet however if you think about it, where do you go when you are looking for something; – Google.

Well if you go to Google when looking for everything else, why would you not start going to Google when looking for a candidate? I think this is the direction we are heading in.

Now for the time being and for the next five years or so, headhunters will do all this on behalf of their clients. but we will see a lot more headhnters emerging to fill this opportunity gap.

We will also see more and more employers doing it themselves as it becomes easier and more reliable to do yourself. There will be more and more training courses on how to headhunt staff and it will eventually become a commodity skill.

Whatever happens you can be sure to see a lot more headhunting going on and a lot less job adverts placed.

Are you ready for it?

This is the question you have to ask yourself. If a headhunter was looking for you right now, would they be able to find you? The chances are they couldn’t. Why is this? W

Well you don’t make it weasy for them. In fact you make it very difficult. You wither don’t put out the information or you you put out the wrong information. Either way the information is useless to a headhunter so they aren’t going to be lifting the phone any time soon.

However you can change all this. It is possible to be very headhunter friendly.

The 3 Step System covers this in several module and will show you how you can do a lot to help yourself get headhunted. Try the free course first and see how you get on. You will find it on the home page or in the side bar. Just complete the personality questionnaire and get started.