Free Personality Widget For Your Website

Deliver professional personality reports to all of your website visitors for FREE.

Copy and paste this widget code into your website page editor HTML and you can deliver free personality reports to all your visitors:




Your widget should look like this:

<span id=”pmapsPwInfo”><a title=”Career Personality Test” href=”http://www.careerpsychometrics.com/” >Career Personality Test</a></span>
<script src=”http://www.peoplemaps.com/widgets/power-widget.php?aid=9063&sid=394″ type=”text/javascript”></script>

Career Personality Test

Your visitor need never leave your page to get their report as the entire experience is delivered via the widget window.

  • Increase the time your visitors spend on your site
  • Super fast questionnaire
  • Extremely accurate results
  • Make your website stickier
  • Professional profiler, based on the psychology of Carl Jung
  • Completely free of charge, for you and your visitors

Custom Personality Widgets

CareerPsychometrics.com does not provide customised services, sorry!

Many people ask about reselling our products. We do not presently offer a revenue share / affiliate scheme but will be starting one through Clickbank.com shortly. Please register your interest here:

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Joint Venture Partnerships

We have 1.2 million members and send millions of emails to our members every year about things we feel will be relevant. So if you have a big email list and want to do something together, please get in touch, using the form above.


  1. mashudu

    hoping i always get good things

  2. Salah Mhmd

    Dear Martin,
    Amazing revelation! Your report speaks my thoughts! Thoughts that generally most people don’t understand when spoken. Feels like I have company!


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