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About Us

Martin the career aptitude guyMartin Gibbons is the founder of CareerPsychometrics and PeopleMaps.com For ten years he has been pioneering personality profiling and helping people accelerate their careers in the right direction.

The psychology has been developed by PeopleMaps.com and is mostly the work of Anne Ellis. The technology is also provided by PeopleMaps.com

Where PeopleMaps develops diverse profiling systems, CareerPsychometric is dedicated to helping you with your career.

Martin is very hands on in the delivery of the service and has spent over ten years studying why some people get to work in their Dream Job and the vast majority of others hate going to work on a Monday morning.

Who is this site for?

This site is designed for individuals who are managing their career.

You may be unemployed, a school-leaver, considering self-employment, or just practising psychometric tests prior to an interview.

What you will find here is a range of personality reports designed to help you make better career decisions and provide some of the answers you might be seeking in relation to your job.

What is a personality test?

In fact, there is no such thing as a ‘personality test’ – how can you pass or fail a personality? You can’t. There is no such as the ‘right’ personality.

The questionnaire simply provides a means for us to assess your personality type, and provide you with some indications about how your personality will affect you in particular situations – so “personality assessment” would be closer to the mark.

Here’s PeopleMaps co-founder and Business psychologist Anne Ellis explaining things a little better:

See more videos about personality at our YouTube Personality Profiling channel.

What psychology system is the questionnaire based on?

The psychology behind the questionnaire and the reports is based on the work of Swiss psychologist Carl G Jung. This is the same psychology that similar profilers like the Myers Briggs (or MBTI) are  derived from.

The questionnaire we use was designed over a period of 18 months by the PeopleMaps team to deliver highly accurate personality results exclusively online.

Read more on the science behind the system we use over at PeopleMaps – but do come back!

Is this system used by employers?

In short, yes!

The inventor of this system – PeopleMaps – has supplied hundreds of companies with personality profiling solutions for their staff recruitment and development needs.

Of course, not every employer or recruiter you meet will use this exact system, but around 50% of employers do use some form of personality assessment as part of their recruitment process.

How should I answer the personality questionnaire?

The questionnaire includes only 5 questions – and you are likely to need around 2 minutes to complete it. (It may be one of the shortest personality questionnaires you’ll ever complete!) You will be asked to rate a series of statements “Most”, “Least”, “More” and “Less” like you.

Once completed, you will be asked to fill in some basic registration details (first name, username and email address) so we can send personalise your report and send you details of your unique report web page.

Here’s Anne Ellis with a little more guidance:

Are the reports really free?

Yes! Every single visitor gets to read free personality reports here at CareerPsychometrics. You don’t need to get your credit card out to enjoy free reports.

Your free report is yours to keep – we’ll even send you an email with a link to your unique webpage with your report details, so you can access it whenever you like.

There is a more detailed version of the personality reports available – and your free version will also tell you all about that, and give you the option to upgrade, and the price. But you don’t have to! All our free reports are no obligation.

And if you don’t want to hear from us again, we give you the option to close your account at the bottom of every email.

Your details are kept on file by us only for the purpose of providing access to your personality reports, and for communicating other useful information about CareerPsychometrics and related personality information. We will never rent or sell your details to any third parties.

Do I need to complete the questionnaire more than once?

In every case, the questionnaire is the same. If you’ve completed it once and have created a username and password, then all you need to do is click on the “Existing User Login” link on any other questionnaire widget and enter those details – you’ll be taken straight to your new personality report. Cool, huh?

Who is the team behind CareerPsychometrics?

CareerPsychometrics is a division of the web’s first psychometric profiling provider for jobseekers, PeopleMaps. PeopleMaps was established in 2001 to provide easy, instant, online – and affordable – personality profiles to individuals. Since then, over 1.2 million people from across the globe have completed a PeopleMaps profile.

PeopleMaps has grown to develop a number of business divisions, specialising in personality psychology applications – and CareerPsychometrics is just one of those, concentrating on servicing the jobseeker community.

You can find out more about the PeopleMaps team at http://www.peoplemaps.com/home/about/