Last week was hectic and a little special, as famous author Isabel losada http://www.isabellosada.com/ was staying at chez Gibbons for a couple of days.

As always, I look at these experiences to see what’s in it for you. What can we use to advance your career.

The first thing I have to say and I don’t think Isabel will mind me saying this, is that you do not need to have special powers to change the world – to change your world.

In fact the book “For Tibet With Love” was essentially an experiment to see just how much one person can do to change the world. It’s about what everyday people can do to change the world.

And this message can be applied to your career. You need to believe that ordinary, everyday people land their dream jobs. You can land pretty much your ideal job if you just know how and have a little faith. You can reach as high as you like, be as ambitious as you like and you will be amazed at just how far you get.

Isabel has experienced some unusual things, travelled to amazing places and met the most wonderful people, including the Dalai Lama and yet she would be the first to say “ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things”.

What extraordinary thing do you seek? Make it happen.