You know things are bad (or have changed) when employment advisors are struggling to find work.

I think this is more a sign of just how much the employment process has changed. It’s an indication that the old fashioned approach really doesn’t work. Spamming job adverts with your CV isn’t working. And if you want to keep your employees really happy then consider a service that offers employee benefits which are flexible as these work wonderfully as they give your staff just what they want!

“The trouble I am finding now is that after working within the private sector It seems so hard for me to find suitable and sustainable employment, I feel as though I am too overqualified now for many jobs I want to pursue, I know how to enter into hidden job markets etc being that I was an Employment Advisor myself and believe me its not for lack of trying to get a job, I am happy to do almost anything and put my hand to any sort of work but find myself stuck somewhat in this current job market. “

In the 3 step system I will show you an alternative to CV based recruitment. It’s very clear that an alternative is required. Check it out for yourself by signing up for the free mini course. It also comes with a money back guarantee.