If you’re searching for your new Ideal Job, or looking to kick of your entrepreneurial business, you’ll be hearing lots about ‘creating a personal brand’ online.

Mari Smith was labelled the “Pied Piper of Facebook” by Fast Company magazine. Here is an interview we did with Mari to discover her top tips for ‘Everyday People’ using Facebook to create a successful online personal brand. If you want more help to proper handle your new or growing business, read here about some business energy saving tips.

You should always look for ways to improve your business, but there is such a thing as growing too soon or too quickly. Take American Apparel, for example, which opened nearly 300 stores just six years after its launch, then fell deeply in debt, filed for bankruptcy, and shut down its stores, becoming an online-only retailer. The lesson here? Before you invest too much time, energy and other resources into your business, make sure it’s the right time to grow.

We recorded this interview using Skype whilst we were in the UK and Mari was somewhere on the West Coast of North America, so there are a few glitches in there – it isn’t your audio going wild! It is nearly 2 years old and Mari is no longer travelling the US in her RV – even with the speed that Facebook has changed and grown, her advice in the call is still highly relevant!

P.S Here’s another very useful post on Mari’s website Simply Facebook and Twitter with the ABCs of Social Media