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With over 1,500 comments left I think it is fair to say that job hunters are making their opinions heard.

And an opinion that is often repeated is that recruitment agencies suck.

Go to and read the comments for yourself. Do you think this industry deserves such a castigation?

So what are the complaints? Well it’s not the obvious “they didn’t offer me the job”. No it’s more fundamental than that. Here’s my paraphrase of the short list.

1) They didn’t acknowledge my application.

2) They didn’t actually have vacancy advertised

3) They did not provide s rational reason for rejecting my application

4) They clearly didnt know what they were doing.

5) They had no understanding of the job role or what I do.

6) Ageism is rife; normal even

7) Prejudice is rife

If I was to summarise further, rudeness and incompetence covers most of it. Is this acceptable?

What do the industry bodies have to say to this? I openly invite their comment, though as we have documented, this not an industry that is known for getting back to you.

Perhaps a league table of agencies, created by Job seekers would have some use. I can’t believe all agencies are this bad so perhaps my members and Job seekers will help compile an agency directory.

Thoughts welcome.