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Ageism is rife but there is something we can do to overcome it. In this short mini course you will discover;

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Ageism in job hunting is par for course these days. If you are over thirty five then the chances are you have encountered ageism already. I know it makes no sense and defies all logic and the trouble is that people look for logic and reason where there is none.
Let me be clear employers are not discriminating against you because you are forty and believe you can’t do the job. THey are discriminating simply because they can.
They are discriminating just because they have to get 400 applicants down to 4 and age is a really easy way of doing just that.
It doesn’t matter to them that they will lose some of their best candidates during this sifting. These are the odds they are willing to play.
Employers bang on about looking for the best candidates but in practice they do everything that sees the exact opposite occur.

So what can you do about ageism.

Well we can moan like hell about it, but lets be honest that’s not going to achieve anything or get you a job. WHat you can do however is play the game differently.

The reason you suffer ageism isn’t because employers don’t believe you can do the job. The trouble is you don’t even get the chance to prove you can dio the job. You need to approach recruitmenrt in a different way s the traditional approach is designed to pretty much trule out everyone over 35. It’s a design flaw in their system. they didn’t intend for that result but that’s how it pans out.

This is why I created The 3 Step System. It is an entirely differnet approach to job hunting and it largely overcomes all the walls you face re ageism.