And before you jump down my throat and point out my typo, I know it’s not carrer test.

But that doesn’t stop 90,000 people every month typing in “carrer test” into Google.

Now I know what you mean to be searching for is career test, for which you have come to the right place cause that’s what this site is all about, however, I thought it was worth talking about why 90,000 people make a typo every month.

I suspect it’s because we live very busy lives and have to type way faster than is sensible. It’s the same reason we drive too fast and cut corners on everything from raising our kids to delivering customer service.

I don’t think it’s making for a better world. I also suspect this is why so many people are looking to change careers.

Now if you spot any other typos on this site they are deliberate and I have written them in an ironic way. (believe that you will believe anything.)

If you really want to enjoy a career test instead of a carrer test then just click here. I’ve got your back.