Career Change v1

Attention: Career Change is risky. You need a new approach.

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Changing careers is not something you can do on a whim. For starters the whole system is against you. Have you had a look at your CV after you take all the previous experience out from it. What you are left with is a swimming bardge and something to do with orienteering. I don’t even know what the hell that is.

As far as employers are concerned skills are not transferable. You put yourself in a box some time ago and employers are as keen to let you out the box as they would be if you were a giant poisonous snake.

In fact they hold you in about the same regard.

SO if you really want to change careers you need a new plan. Forget about job boards. Forget about your CV. You need a plan that doesn’t include either of these as your are worthless once you decide to change careers.

However career change is possible. You just have to go about it very differently. Forget everything you have been taught about job hunting as the traditional approach no longer works for you. When you change careers all bets are off. You need a brand new bag.

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