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What is a Career Test? How can it help you when you are job hunting?

The hardest part about job hunting is deciding what to apply for. Or more accurately what not to apply for. Common advice is “apply for everything” but this is a very ineffective approach to job hunting.

If you want to avoid going to the wrong interviews for the wrong jobs, then take a career test. Figure out what it is you should be doing with your life and then invest your energy in that one area.

Career TestThe shotgun approach to job hunting is very old school and completely out of fashion these days. Don’t listen to those people that tell you to simply apply for everything and hope for the best. They are probably just trying to be kind or maybe they have a box to tick on a form somewhere.

It is more important that you know what it is you want to do and why. Employers can sense when you are not genuinely interested in the job but are just desperate.

Your career test is the starting point to give you focus. You need to decide what you are not going to pursue in order to give you time to invest in the things you do wish to pursue. Career tests have been used for over fifty years and have helped millions of people make better career decisions.

Job hunting is a very time consuming task, so don’t waste your time chasing shadows.

This careers test has been developed by PeopleMaps, the webs leading online publisher of career personality tests. Over a million people have benefited from this service. Try it. You’ll like it.

What is a career test and how can you use it to save yourself years of doing the wrong job?

Well for starters this is one test you don’t mind failing. What I mean is that if it tells you that a specific career is not compatible with your core personality then you should be delighted as you may have just saved yourself a lot of pain.

A career test is there to help you make the biggest decision of your life. “What career should you be following?”

Job titles are the propaganda of recruitment agencies

There is a lot more to this than simply running off a list of job titles. In fact if that’s what you are offered then you are being let down. Job titles are very misleading. They are designed to sell jobs. They are created by employers to make their jobs sound better than they are.

Don’t be suckered by them. The worse the job the more attractive the job title has to be.

The career test on this site was designed by PeopleMaps.com and is the most advanced internet based personality test on the web. Not only is it quick but it returns extremely accurate results.

You may be thinking that a short questionnaire can’t deliver much in the way of results but you would be wrong. Here’s what some people have had to say about it;

Thank you, Martin, for sending this report. I find it interesting and insightful
as all that has come from you is.

Best wishes

Well over a million people have completed this career test, so you know you are in good company.

Hi Martin,

Things are going very well with the course so far. I’m very impressed with the quality of the content. I’ve done various other Change Your Career courses but haven’t felt that they really got to the essence of what it’s about until now.

To try and set a course for your career without using a career test will see you flying blind and most likely heading in the wrong direction.

Use this test to avoid years of suck it and see. Use the test to pick the right thing for you, something that suits your personality. Most people waste years of their working life heading in the wrong direction.

Worse still is not knowing what direction you should take. It’s pretty much impossible to make progress when you don’t know if you are heading in the right direction.

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