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Learn How To Get Headhunters To Call
from Career Coach Martin Gibbons.

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How do headhunters find people? And would they find you?

Are you making it difficult to find you?

Headhunting is used on junior roles and middle management too, not just senior appointments.

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Here’s the thing. You want to be discovered. You want to get a phone call from a headhunter or an employer offering you a job. You couldn’t make it harder for them if you tried.

What can a career coach do for you?

They can ensure you know what direction you should be pointing in. A career coach will help you make that difficult decision so that you know exactly what it is you were simply born to do.

Your career coach should then make it easy for you to be found by the right people.

Your career coach should show you how to increase your market value and get you a significant pay rise.

Are you seriously going to try and figure this all out by yourself? Good luck with that. Do you fix your own car? Do you cut your own hair? Or do you go to someone that specialises in these things? If guess if I pass you standing at a bus stop with bad hair then the answer is yes. However, I suspect most of you do not.

Why would you treat your career any less seriously than your haircut? Why would you not bring in a specialist? That’s what successful people do. They bring in the big guns and get the good job offers while your sticking scissors in your head and crawling under your car wondering where all the parts you have leftover should go.