Career Change

Career Change isn’t possible using traditional job hunting techniques.

Career Change Means Profession Change.

career-changeWe are talking about more than just simply altering jobs. When you alter jobs you practically just alter employers; you do more or less the same thing for a person you haven’t met yet.

Career change is something else.

This is where you actually do something quite different, normally for a different employer.

A lot of individuals seek career help when considering such a big move. If you have actually been doing a job for a while and understand that it isn’t satisfying all your demands, then it makes sense to look at something brand-new.

Let’s face it you have actually spent years identifying just what you do not like, however that doesn’t essentially imply you know just what you ought to be doing. You also want to guarantee that this move is a career development. Change isn’t necessarily better.

The “trial and error” approach to job hunting is not effective. You need something more dependable which is why you require professional advice. Sure you could work it out after a couple of years but why waste all that time. Let’s get you in your dream job in few weeks not in ten years time.

Be clear that the formula to finding your best job lies in your character, not your history.

A lot of individuals end up doing a variation of their previous job. This hardly ever works out in the long term. Instead of looking to the past, you need to look inside to your personality, to discover just what job is right for you. Try the free test beside us here on the page.

Yet another cause to look for really good professional help is to assist you navigate the job searching landscape. It has actually changed a ton over the last three years, so you require a specialist guide; a specialist who can guide you through it.

The distinction between career development and job hunting

Many individuals move from one situation to one more. They respond to circumstances forced upon them.

Those who think about their career development, are consistently organizing their following move, even when they are in a secure job. These are the people who drive the agenda. They are not merely reacting to situations.

It is important you recognize the difference. It is essential you move over to career development and away from job hunting.

Upon getting a new job do you think, “OK, where next?” or do you say “What a relief. I’ll not need to consider job hunting for a while”?

I need a career change

When you find yourself saying “I want a career change” or “I need a career change”, on a regular basis then it’s probably time to start looking at it more seriously.

For instance you may be looking at a career change from teaching.

A career change for teachers can be difficult mostly because you struggle to see the alternatives. The main obstacle is a psychological one, not a practical one. The vast majority of teachers are in the wrong job. The reality is that schools are often a an incompatible work environment for teachers.

Initially you may feel that schools are the only place you can teach, however once you look elsewhere you start to see other possibilities.

The big question you have to ask is, “Is it teaching I don’t like or is it the environment I don’t like.” My suspicion is that natural teachers will find a school at very unsuitable environment.

Career change at 30

Career change at 30 or even a career change at 40 is not that different. Often this is the age when people decide to make a significant change. You then experience the lack of interest from the employers and naturally think that it’s due to your age. This is particularly true when making a career change at 50.

However age is not the real issue here. The biggest challenge is that you are making a change and employers do not believe in transferable skills.

Once you realise this you then need to use a different approach to job hunting as the traditional approach of sending your CV off to job adverts will be utterly fruitless.

Career change cover letter

Possibly my best career change advice would be not to use a cover letter or a CV.

Unless you are going for the same job you are in, or a small variation of it, then traditional job hunting will not work. You need to take an entirely different approach. That’s what the 3 Step System is all about. Try it out for free and judge for yourself if this is more likely to land you your dream job.

Summary about Career Change

1) You wish to guarantee that you make a job modification for the better, so look for help as to what job is right for you.
2) Look to your personality for guidance as to what career is most suitable for you. Do not repeat past errors.
3) Make the shift from job hunting to career development. You wish to build and move forward year on year, not simply start over every time.

Despite the economy there have never ever been more possibilities. Companies are still struggling to locate the right people. You could be exactly what they are trying to find.


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  1. Chris Jones

    Ageism is a real problem.!Management always feel threatened by an older highly experienced and well qualified candidate.

  2. Pankaj

    I am 36 and want to make career in career counseling. how can you help me??

    • MartinGibbons

      The demand for career coaches is so high that we are soon to launch a new course showing you how to coach people in career development.

      Keep watching for the peoplemaps licensed practitioner course.


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