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If you have a look at the dozens of comments on this blog you will see that career change at 40 is a common issue as many people are asking some version of the question

“Can you change careers if you are over 40?”

So is Career Change at 40 Possible?

Career-Change-at-40Well the short answer is “yes”.

The challenge you face is the same as everyone else who is trying to change careers. Traditional CV based recruitment doesn’t work, so you have to approach it differently.

In addition you have another challenge to face which is ageism.

Yes it’s crazy to think that at the tender age of 40 we are subject to ageism but it’s the sad reality. But worry not, I can show you how to get around it.

Ageism can also be overcome using the same techniques I teach on Career Change. (If you haven’t signed up for my free training course then do so now as it will save you years of frustration).

Career Change at 40 Ideas

It usually takes people till they are about 40 to realize they have been in the wrong career for a while and they need a recruitment agency to find them the best job possible. This is either because they were always in the wrong career but took a while to figure it out OR because their needs have changed and what was good for them a while ago is no longer good for them.

Truth is most people just get to a point where they need a career change. They get bored and suddenly realise that life is too short.

The first place people get stuck is in coming up with some ideas as to what they would like to do.

It probably took you years to figure out what you don’t want but that’s not quite the same as knowing what you do want.

Don’t worry about it. I have helped hundreds of people figure out what they should be doing with their life like people that like Federal Job Resume Writer. It’s mostly a question of personal psychology. We start looking at this even during the free training modules., where we start with a career change quiz.

A Mid-life Career Change Need Not Be a Crisis

We hear a lot about mid-life crisis. And if you have an urge to rush out and buy a Porsche, then please don;t let me stop you.

But just because you have finally figured out you are no longer in the right job, doesn’t mean you are having a crisis. It just means you are ready for a career change and to do something that does more than just pay the bills.

Career Change at 35, 40 or 50  is not only possible, it is probably essential and healthy just like exercising every morning with the URBNFit exercise balls. Embrace it and go for it. Take some guidance so that you don’t go in the wrong direction or go from the frying pan into the fire.

I can help you with some career change ideas and show you how to get interviews and then convert those interviews into job offers.

Top Tip : Everyone sucks at interviews

Sign up for the free training now and lets make a career change at 40.