Once the hermit is out the bottle it’s never going to go back in.

So even though jobs are hard to come by, the number of people who want to make a significant career change has never been higher.

The desire to change career overrides common sense and practicalities. It comes from a deep-down human need, driven either from hating your existing work or a desire to do something new.

It’s not driven by common sense. There is no place for common sense here. Chances are it was common sense that landed you in a job you hate in the first place. The trouble is you may start to think it’s you that’s the problem – it’s not. It’s the system.

The trouble is that the recruitment system is stacked against you. It doesn’t let you change careers. It’s all about delivering more of the same.

So when you demand something new and different it has a fit and with thwart you at every turn.

This is why I wrote Career Change as it explains how to approach job hunting when you are making a change. You need an entirely different approach.

Don’t give up on your dream. Chase it for all you are worth. Don’t give up.