What is a career aptitude test?

It tends to be a test looking for you innate ability.  In simple terms, “what comes naturally to you”.

career aptitude tests are often misunderstood, particularly by the people who insist you take one.

Humans are very adaptable but we have preferred ways of behaving. There are some things that come more easily to us than other things. career aptitude tests try to capture that.

I like to think of these as natural resources.  If I lived near the forest and I wanted to build a boat I would build it out of wood as that would be a natural, abundant resource.  It wouldn’t make sense to import steel.

The same can be said of your own aptitude. Life is easier and more successful if you only need to draw upon your own natural, abundant resources. Yet most of us find ourselves drawing from a well that never had much water in it in the first place. It soon runs out. We soon suffer as a result of it.

Being adaptable brings its own problems and not being able to tell the difference between our natural aptitudes and our scarce resources is part of it. career aptitude tests are supposed to help us with this.