Shocking as it may seem, most of the career advice provided is completely wrong!

Look at who is providing the career advice to young people.

1) Teachers

2) Parents

3) Friends

4) The young person themselves.

None of the above should be listened to when it comes to career advice.

What do teachers know about the incredibly diverse job market of the 21st century? I don’t write this to insult them and of course there will be exceptions but in the main teachers are not the best people to give career advice.

And as a parent I can of course see the downfall in trying to give career advice to a teenager. Even if you do know what you are talking about (and that’s a big IF), it’s not likely to be taken on board. Best if you parents keep out of the way.

I figure the most influential advisers a teenager has is her friends. They will listen to friends before and above everyone else. Unfortunately fourteen your olds know squat about what career is right for their friend. Makeup maybe. Career – no.

And finally we have the teenager giving themselves advice. Oh dear me.

I wouldn’t have listen to much of what I had to say to myself at 14. A head too full of nonsense which I am still recovering from.

So there you have it; most of the career advice is wrong. It’s delivered by people who know little of nothing about it. They all mean well but they can’t deliver.

And what about the adults?

Well that’s for another post.