Securing Your Network

Network security is basically securing your network. That means it's the idea of protecting your computer against being attacked. The more secure your computer, the less of an attack it will be. According to companies like Fortinet, there are a variety of security...

Finding purpose to what you do

If finding purpose in your work matters to you then read on. I never know what to call people who are doing one of my courses; student? customer? I think I will settle on reader. Anyway, I got a nice email from one of my readers which went something like this; I was...

Ideal job workshop tomorrow

I always look forward to live gigs and tomorrows is no exception. In fact, I'm quite excited about it because the workshop is on my favourite subject - discover your ideal job. This is where it all started for me way back. This is also where I made my big breakthrough...

Job Ideas

Are you looking for job ideas? Are you still trying to answer the question “what am I going to be when I grow up?”. If so you are not alone.

Do you feel that somewhere out there there is something that you were simply born to do? Well the chances are, there is and you owe it to yourself to discover what it is.
Are you making this mistake?

Are you restricting your job search to the job adverts? Are you only looking at job boards to find job ideas?

Here’s what you need to understand about job adverts. The best jobs rarely advertise. The most interesting jobs never advertise – they don’t need to.

580,000 new competitors for your next job

I have just received an email in from Reed.co.uk You have probably seen their TV adverts recently. (Daft annoying adverts at that). They have proudly announced that this campaign alone has added 580,000 new CVs to their database. So what's that to you? Well that's...

Career change has never been trickier

Once the hermit is out the bottle it's never going to go back in. So even though jobs are hard to come by, the number of people who want to make a significant career change has never been higher. The desire to change career overrides common sense and practicalities....