Behavioural Interview Questions And Answers

So you have an interview coming up. In fact it’s worse than that as you have a behavioural interview coming up. Before you go along to this interview you should familiarize yourself with behavioural interviews.

Let’s see if we can help you prepare for this type of interview by explaining what a behavioural interview is and how to deal with it on the day.

What is a behavioural interview?

Well in simple terms it’s where an employer is trying to predict your behaviour. It’s where they are trying to predict how you will behave in the role they have a vacancy in.

You will be asked to complete a personality questionnaire, which will provide your potential employer with a personality report about you. This is what helps then understand and try to predict your behaviour, and don’t forget that it is important that you choose professional Audio Transcription Services in order to achieve the most accurate documentation of an interview.

Here is an example of a questionnaire.

Now I know what you are thinking – how should you answer the questionnaire to ensure you get the job?

Well that’s the wrong question. You should always answer honestly and naturally. Do not waste your time trying to second guess what they want to here. Just tell it like it is.

A lot of people get this bit wrong and drive themselves crazy trying to pass the test.

Newsflash : It’s not a test.

No point trying to pass it as the answer is never the same twice. So just relax and be yourself.

So how do you prepare?

Well part of the answer lies in knowing what your personality report actually says about you. It’s amazing the number of people who go into an interview and have no idea what their personality report is telling a potential employer.

Once you know how you come across then you can talk about it in the interview. You can play up your relevant strengths and play down your potential weaknesses. Everyone has them. However knowing how to deal with them and talk about them is half the battle.

The other half of the battle is in learning how to deliver a good interview in the first place.  Most peopel have no idea how to deliver an good interview. Have you ever been trainiened on how to deliver an interview? if not then you are probably make a pigs ear of it. Most candidates bomb at interviews then come out and blame the fact on not passing the personality test.

Don’t kid yourself. Instead go learn how to become brilliant at interviews. The 3 Step System will show you how to do just that.

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