This is a very common question.

“Why does it take so long for employers to let you know whether or not you have the job?
Thank you
Jackie “

The truth is that employers are extremely bad at processing job applications. I had a corporate client once who still have 4,000 applications they hadn’t opened yet. Almost all employers behave in this way. They rarely reply to applicants unless to tell them they have the job.

It’s extremely disrespectful and very hurtful to candidates. Employers don’t seem to realise just how much anguish they cause by not keeping applicants informed

Of course, the real problem is with the traditional recruitment process, which is why I teach an alternative.

The 3 Step System is an alternative to blasting CVs off to strangers. It shows you how to get employers to pay attention to you.

You also know where you stand when you use the 3 Step System. No more waiting around to see if they will reply to your application.

You see the traditional job-hunting approach is a bit like buying lottery tickets. Funny enough the lottery don’t contact you either to let you know you have not won.

The 3 Step System is progressive. It lets you build steps week on week taking you closer to job offers.