I have just received an email in from Reed.co.uk You have probably seen their TV adverts recently. (Daft annoying adverts at that).

They have proudly announced that this campaign alone has added 580,000 new CVs to their database. So what’s that to you?

Well that’s 580,000 more competitors when you are applying for jobs.

When there are more candidates than jobs then;

  • You see a deflation in the job market. You start to see salaries drop.
  • You have less and less chance of getting shortlisted for an interview.
  • You have to send even more applications then ever.
  • You have stiffer competition if you do manage to get shortlisted
  • 580,000 CVs may be good news to employers but it’s really bad news for job seekers.

    This is why you cannot rely upon CV based job hunting. If you job hunting consists of trawling through job boards and battering out CVs to strangers, then you are doomed. You may be better saving your money for lottery tickets.