5 Tips To Help You Change Career at 30 40 or 50 Successfully

1) Believe you can change career

Changing jobs is difficult especially if you are trying to change career at 30. When you are thirty you are young enough to still be full of energy and optimism and yet have accrued sufficient skills in your work life so far to be good at what you do.

At thirty you may still be young enough to believe that you can make it happen, however to change career at 40 may have you question the possibility.

It is very important that you feed yourself with plenty of information that helps you believe that you can actually make a successful career change. Without this belief, you are going nowhere. This is why step 1 is believe you can do it.

2) Know what you want to change career to

Regardless of whether you are changing jobs at 40 or even 50, it is critical that you know what you want to change to.  Most people only ever get as far as figuring out they hate their job and want to quit.

This may take you out of the frying pan but it’s no guarantee you will not end up in the fire. Be very clear about where you want to end up. You have to be able to paint this picture very clearly. The more specific and vivid you can be, the more likely you will enjoy a successful career change.

3) Know why you want to change career

Number three may look similar to number two but it’s not and hence it is often overlooked. Hating your existing job is not a good enough reason.

You need to have a lot of WHY. You need a lot of negative reasons such as as “I hate my job” and “My boss is an idiot”, but you also need a lot of positive reasons.

A positive reason maybe “I want to travel less and spend more time with my family”. You may have to sit and think about this for a while but the quality of your WHYs may mean the difference between a successful job flip or not.

4) Make the decision to change career

I suppose the majority of people get stuck at this point here. This may be the most frustrating place to be, as you are no longer blissfully ignorant of how bad things are at work. You have gone far enough to upset yourself and motivate your self to do something about it but haven’t quite gone far enough to make the decision to actually do it.

It’s better to do nothing than to end up here, so if you get this far then push through and make the decision to change career.

5) Make a plan

And finally, the easiest part of all is to make a plan of action.

However, you should know that traditional job search is pretty useless in these circumstances. You are going to have to approach it differently.

The reason is quite simple, employers do not believe in transferable skills. What they want to hire is usually a replica of the person who just left. They want to hire people with very relevant experience.

So your CV is the first one to go in the bin because it’s not relevant.

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