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What job should i do

You are About To Discover The Answer To The Question “What Job Should I Do?”


Do you feel you are in the wrong job but not sure what you should be doing? Then complete the questionnaire.


Being in the right job doesn’t need to be left to luck. Your FREE personality report wil give you insight as to what you are looking for.


This professional questionnaire only takes 5 minutes but it could save you years of frustration, working in the wrong job.

What Job Should I do?

The first step in successful career development is answering the question “what job should I do?” And it has nothing to do with your skills or experience.

What's My Ideal Job?

We only begin to make progress when we begin to answer the question “what’s my ideal job?” It takes courage and a look at our personal psychology.

Free career personality test

This is why we start with a free career personality test. You need to look inside before you look outwards.

You may change career at 30, 40 or 50

You may change career at any age. Just because you chose one career path when you were young, doesn’t mean you need to stick it.

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What Is My Ideal Job?

What Job Should I Do?

If you can figure out the answer to “what is my ideal job?”  or “what job should I do?” then you are well on your way to a successful career. Unfortunately, most people never take the time to figure this out.

You will have noticed people stumbling from one job to another, with little or no plan in place. Now, from time to time, you get lucky and land on your feet. But most of the time the “suck it and see” approach to job hunting just doesn’t work and is likely to see you in a series of jobs that you do not enjoy in the slightest.

Life is too short to waste trying to figure out what it takes to please an employer. What you want to discover as quickly as possible is the direction you should be heading in and what it takes to get employers to hire you.

whats my ideal job

Career Change at 40

If you have been working for a few years but feel that now is the time to try something new, then you may be wondering if a career change at 40 is even possible.

Well the good news is that it is absolutely possible, however you need to take a very different approach. Traditional job hunting techniques are useless when it comes making a career change.

I have studied this area in depth. I have looked at why recruiters do not let you change careers and found an approach that does work. Unfortunately most people are hitting their heads against a brick wall by using the same techniques they used to move to similar jobs. But when you are making a significant change in direction, then you need to find a very different approach.

About The Career Quiz Questionnaire

This was developed by PeopleMaps, the web’s leading online personality profiling system.

Over 1.5 million people have completed this questionnaire and it is used by thousands of organisations.

Although it only takes  minutes to complete, it’s incredibly accurate. Go ahead and try it today. You will be amazed at what it will reveal.

What Is My Ideal Job

Over the last twenty years I have been asked this question numerous times. Instincitively you know that there are some jobs that suits more than others. This has nothing to do with skills or experience.

Clearly there are many jobs that require specific training before you can even be considered for them. This is probably why we focus so much on skills sets when thinking about careers. And yet, the reason peole hate their job or quit their job has little to do with a shortage in skills.

In order to answer the question “What is my Ideal Job?” you need to look more at your personality type than at your skill set. Skills can be learned and relearned. However, the the job role is a poor fit for your personality type and the environment is actually toxic to your personality type, then it is very unlkiely that you will ever describe this as your ideal job.

What Job Test

The “What Job Test” could help you find a job where you didn’t dream about punching your boss in the face.

The key resides in your personality. This is why a job that one person describes as their ideal job is another personson’s nightmare job. It’s all about personality.

What job Test