What Job Should I Do

The hardest part of career development is answering the question “What job should I do?”

However if you can answer this. If you can be clear as to what it is you should be doing with your working life, then the rest of your job hunting becomes so much easier.

I work with employers and job seekers and strange as it may seem the advice I give to both is largely the same. Employers need to keep staff turnover low, which means they need to hire people who can cope with the work environment they are offering.

This has nothing to do with your qualifications, experience or ability to do the job. It is simply a matter of psychology. Your personal psychology is very demanding and it’s needs must be met, otherwise you become unhappy.

What job should I do?

The answer to this question is found in a deeper understanding of your personality – your personal psychology. We are all wired differently and we arrive on the planet with our core personality in tact.

The job you should do must be in harmony with your core personality, otherwise you will soon be unhappy.

What job should I have?

You should have the job that comes natural to you  and that is in keeping with your personality type.

What job should i do quiz?

The “What job should I do test” is designed to help you align your work choices with your personality. It is there to prevent you from making poor decisions.

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