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Almost No One Has The Answer To
"What Job Should I do?" 

Let's face it, if more people had the answer to this question, there would be a lot more people happy in their work and making a success of it.

But It's Not Your Fault. 
You Have Been Advised To Look In The Wrong Place 

Chances are you got next to no career advice when you were a teenager.

And if you did get any advice, it was delivered by people who really didn't know what they were doing. They may have meant well but their approach was flawed.

Once you are set on a career projectory, it becomes increasingly difficult to change direction. So unless by some huge stroke of luck, you started off in the right direction, you are almost guaranteed to land in the wrong job.

However There Is  Solution

So how do you find the right answer to the question "What job should I do?"

The mistake everyone makes, including many career advisors is that they are actually trying to answer the question "What job can you do?"

This is a very different question from "what job should I do?"

So the solution starts by asking the right question in the first place. And the answer to the question "What job should I do?" is found in your personality.

Thankfully The Solution Is Quick & Easy

This detailed personality report is all about you. It is the essential starting point to discovering what you should be doing with your working life.

Complete The High Resolution Personality Questionnaire

This is similar to the free questionnaire you just completed but a little longer.

It still only takes about 7 minutes.

Read Your Personality Report In Detail and Take Notes

Your report is packed full of revealing details about your personality.

Implement The Advice To Get More Interviews And Job Offers

If you really want to enjoy success you need to understand your core motivation.

You motivation is specific to your personality type.

Imagine Knowing With Certainty, What Job You Should Be Doing

About The Author

My name is Martin Gibbons and I am the founder of PeopleMaps and CareerPsychometrics. For fifteen years I have worked with both job seekers and recruiters.

The PeopleMaps personality test has been completed by 1.5 million people. It has been my honour to help thousands of job seekers with their careers; People like Peter and I look forward to heping you with your career.

Through my daily work with recruiters, I am in a position to help you with your job hunting. Let me share my insider knowledge with you and save you years of trial and error.

"Your advice and information has definintely helped me. It is critical to prepare for interviews as meticulously as possible and thats what step 3 is helping me with substantially.

Your words inspire me and I believe the system to be down-to-earth, brutally honest, no-nonsense, effective method of finding and landing the career, oneself should persue.

I am very eager to continue 


Peter "

Why You Need This Report

Stop wasting years of your life working in the wrong job.

Discover what conditions need to be present, for you to actually enjoy your work.

Bring your ideal job significantly closer

Here's What Some People Have Said

Over 1,800 comments have been left on the site. Here are just a few. Please check out the rest for yourself.

Here's What You Get In Your
Personality Report


Your personality report will introduce you to your natural strengths?

Most people are unaware of what natural strengths they were born with, yet this is the key to career success.

You will also discover how to use your key strengths to get interviews with the right peopel and get job offers for jobs you would actually enjoy.

Knowing your natural strengths is the starting point to choosing the right career path.


Do you know what your personal challenges are?

In your report you will discover the challenges that are associated with your perosnality type.

Everyone is challenged in different ways. No one get's a pass. The secret is to know what your challenges are. 

Your report will reveal these to you, perhaps for the first time ever.


If you know how to tap into your core motivation, then realising your success becomes second nature.

However in the same way you can't run a petrol car on diesel fuel, you can't motivate yourself with just any old motivation.

You have to know which motivation you actually respond to.

This is all related to your personality type and it is revealed in your report.

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Still Got Questions?

Q : Do employers use this profiling system?

A : Yes. This is based on the PeopleMaps System and many employers have used it for years.


Q : What discount do I get with the coupon?

A: Discount rates vary according to which special offer is running. Just click on the "Add To Cart" button and enter the discount code to see today's discount.

Discover The Answer To The Question

"What Job Should I Do?"

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