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by MartinGibbons on August 1, 2010

I was asked recently what are the best interview answers I have ever heard. This is a difficult one because I hear so few memorable answers and I think therein lies the story. And you certainly can’t rely on sample interview questions and answers.

There are some bad ones that stick out, like “the golfer”. What started out as a mild get to know you question, “I see you play golf” turned into a disaster for the candidate whose whole life rotated around his golf practice. All we heard at our end was “I won’t do this and I won’t work then and I won’t travel there as it will interfere with my golf”

The memorable interviews, the ones that leave you with a good feeling are where the human has turned up. It’s when the candidate opens up a little, takes a chance and reveals something of who they are. It’s where the candidate isn’t too afraid to reveal that they are not perfect.

So if you are thinking about what interview answers you are going to give then think about the poor person sitting at the other side of the desk. With only a little effort you could be the one to deliver the best interview answers ever.

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Anke Reilly August 7, 2010 at 2:56 pm

Currently i went to a job interview, i had to answer a questionaire . Like i.e . a dogowner wanted to de- worm his dog with to de- worming tablets, but before , the dogowner needed to put himself on a scale to weigh himself. The owner of this dog got of the scale , and put back himself and the dog on the scale. I could not figure out , was this dog a small, midium or large dog. I found that very stupid. The ( job i were applying for was for a HCA.) Several mathematics questions. The point is i was failed, and have been told , because your not english and you can not ad up or take off, meaning i am to weak minded, i was told i should go to Bedford college to do learn how to add up, doing my mathematics. And in 6 months time i am welcome to re-apply again. I was not the only candidate of ,british citencieship, but i never have ,since i live in England told this before.


MartinGibbons August 18, 2010 at 1:49 pm

Anke, Not all employers are professional at interviewing or recruiting and it sounds like you suffered at the hands of some unprofessionalism. I have a new course coming out that helps protect you against poor interviewers.


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